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Going to Camp Hornby?

We are pleased to announce that, in concert with the Camp Hornby Society, we will be offering free accompanied transportation from Camp Bowen to Camp Hornby for campers wishing to attend both programs. We are also offering laundry services at a cost of $5, so that campers attending Hornby can have a fresh set of clothing before leaving Bowen.


July 20-24

What to Expect

Camp Bowen is one of the few summer camps in Western Canada that offers its campers the opportunity to develop the independent living skills, self-confidence and support networks they will need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. Informative activities are combined with a balanced recreational atmosphere to ensure campers have fun and learn in a way that bests meets their individual goals, whether they be learning how to run a website or how to pour water for the first time.

Campers will receive the opportunities to learn about the everyday topics that they wonder most about from our talented team of community mentors, who will share their own real life experiences of living with a visual impairment. Added to this is a focus on fostering friendships and giving campers the tools and support networks to deal with every day situations.

And, yes, there are many recreational activities to be done. From playing showdown to swimming in the private swimming area, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Our Staff Team

All of our recreational and educational staff are volunteers. Our team consists of industry leaders, educators, creatives, musicians, visually impaired mentors, blindness professionals, parents and many others. The one thing we all share is a passion for seeing children and teens reach their fullest potentials.

Past Activities

Please note: Some of these activities predate the running of the camps by the Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired and are referenced for historical purposes only. The Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired’s first camp was run in 2011. Nevertheless, the camp format has been retained and the below themes should provide some insight into what to expect for this year.

Theme Ages Focus
Community Exploration (2002) 8-12

Campers had the opportunity to visit with and experience some of the daily jobs of Bowen Island residents. While some campers explored the bakery and got to bake some bread, others visited the pottery studio and worked with clay. All in all, about 12 businesses were visited during a 4 day period. All campers had a chance to interview the employees they worked alongside and each day was rounded out by campers sharing their adventures with their peers.

Iron Chef (2008) 13-18

Campers were introduced to the basics of cooking with a visual impairment. Groups of campers prepared lunches each day and competed against rival groups for the “most creative variation” on lunch.

The Office (2010) 13-18

Campers were introduced to the job application process and have the opportunity to speak with visually impaired mentors that came from a variety of work backgrounds. The mentors were able to provide insight into the application process, when to safely disclose visual impairment, interviewing and many other topics besides. Many of them even conducted mock interviews.

The campers also strengthened team building skills by producing crafts for sale at the Bowen Island Sunday market. They decided the proceeds should be donated to two charitable organizations.

Current Activities

The full list of activities can be provided to parents upon request. We don’t wish to spoil the surprise for our campers and feel that righting it here may just give this years theme away.

Some activities that are consistent from year to year follow:


Our experienced lifeguards and recreational staff oversee waterfront activities including swimming in our private swimming area, taking campers on short boating trips and just relaxing on our private dock.


Showdown, which can perhaps be best described as a cross between ping pong and air hockey, is a camp favourite. Campers try to score on each other’s goals and often collect a crowd of spectators around them. All players are blind folded for fairness.

Camp Fire

A tradition onto itself, the singing of the Camp Bowen song and other camp fire favourites are always a fun event.

Small Groups

Groups of campers get together with one of our visually impaired community mentors to discuss the issues important to them. The mentor guides the discussion and offers input from their own experiences of living with a visual impairment. Campers often learn much from their peers about dealing with life’s challenges.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are often brought in to speak to the campers about current events in the visually impaired community or the week’s topic.

BC Blind Sports

Campers get to experience a wide variety of sporting activities, many of which they can continue when they return home. Adaptive running, cycling, soccer and others are among the usual events and techniques learned can be adopted by campers when they return to school in the fall.

These activities are provided in partnership with BC Blind Sports.

Who Can Attend

The camps are open to all Canadian children and youth who are visually impaired or blind (Ages 7-18) and their sighted siblings. Campers will be divided into age appropriate groups (Usually 7-12 and 13-18) and will have correspondingly different program schedules.

Parents may accompany their children to camp. We merely ask that prior notice given to a community coordinator at the time of registration.


  • $264 + tax – Room sharing with one other camper
  • $465 + tax – Private room


Five Community Coordinators will be traveling the province to accompany campers to camp. They can also provide assistance with booking transportation.

Further Information

The activity schedule for the camp is available to parents by calling Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator, at: (778) 908-0521. We don’t want to give away the surprises in store to our campers and feel that publicly writing it hear may just ruin the surprise. Alex is also available to answer any questions you may have.


Please call Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator, at: (778) 908-0521 for a registration form.