2012 Adult Retreat Registration Form

Camper Agreement

By participating in the 2011 Adult Retreat, coordinated by the Camp Bowen Working Group, you hereby understand and agree to be legally bound by the following:

Camper Conduct

Disclaimer of Liability
  1. As an attendee of the program you are responsible for your own actions and the consiquences that may arise as a result.
  2. You hereby understand that the role of the Camp Bowen Working Group in the 2011 Adult Retreat program is to act merely as a single point of contact for attendees. No special coverage will be provided to attendees, beyond that which is available from the Bowen Lodge by the Sea to its visitors.
  3. You furthermore agree to hold the Camp Bowen Working Group, its staff, volunteers, directors, partners and other associates as not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from your attendance at this program, whether accidental or purposeful.
  4. You also agree to pay in full the amount due to rectify any damages that you inflict while attending the program.
  5. In addition, you consent to defend the Camp Bowen Working Group, its staff, volunteers, partners, directors and associates in any court case resulting from your involvement in the 2011 Ault Retreat.
  6. You acknowledge that all court proceedings involving the Camp Bowen Working Group will be handled in the courts in the jurisdiction of the province of British Columbia, to the extent permitted under the law.

You hereby acknowledge that the Camp Bowen Working Group retains the right to update this agreement at any time and that is your responsibility to be up to date and in in compliance with any updates to this agreement.

Note (August 21, 2017): The contact form that was on this part of the page has gone missing.

Last updated on: August 3, 2012