A medieval replica of King Arthur's legendary round table, hanging in Winchester Castle. The table features the Tudor Rose at its centre, with the outer design portraying Henry VIII as King Arthur on his throne, surrounded by 24 places, each bearing the name of one of the legendary Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur's court.
“King Arthur’s Round Table” by Graeme Pow. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Blindness and DeafBlindness Connection National Roundtables

Provided through
COBD Centre
Every second Thursday (find the next dates)

The Blindness and DeafBlindness Connection National Roundtables bring together blind, DeafBlind, and low vision Canadians 19 years of age or older), as well as those losing their sight, to support each other and learn about community resources. The roundtables are conducted virtually by both standard telephone and Zoom and often feature guest speakers, group discussions, and the exchange of tips and tricks. These virtual events are intended to promote friendship, connection and sharing of resources and ideas.

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