Adult Camp 2011, A Great Opertunity to Get Away From Everything

The Camp Bowen Working Group’s Adult Camp Program is a program whose goal
is to provide adults who are blind and visually impaired and are
living in the Province an opportunity to go to camp in the summer, We want
to give adults a chance to meet up with old friends and meet new
The adult camps have been a great opportunity for adults to get away
from work and families and have a chance to relax at the lodge where
they can hang out with other adults and not have to worry about
anything. The CBwg would like to provide adults with the opportunity
to get away from the routines of there daily lives and rejuvenate for
a weekend. The members of the CBWg will be there to supervise and make
sure the camps run smoothly and to be there as first aid people if
someone gets hurt but will also participate in some of the activities.
We’d like to host the adult camps for  3 too  5-days for 1 to 2 weeks, but this depends on the interest from the community.
The registrations for 2011 can be found on our web site at Just fill it out  and submit it on line.