Saturday, July 27, 2002, A Visit To The Pharmacy

Saturday, July 27, 2002

A Visit To The Pharmacy

Today Aman, Vanessa and Rosie went to the Pharmacy. The store was called Cates Pharmacy. The pharmacy was named after Mr. Cates. Mr. Cates was a famous man who lived here on Bowen Island. We went to the pharmacy to learn about medicine and the pharmacist.

Mr. Massender, the pharmacist, became interested in his job because he liked science and chemistry. He also liked arts and Biology and dealing with people. You need to learn these subjects to be a pharmacist. He graduated from High School and decided to take another year. After that he went to University for five years and then he became a pharmacist.

His job is a little related to a doctor’s. People come to him for advice for colds, flu and stomach problems. If it’s too complicated he sends them to a doctor. People can’t just come and by any medicine, they have to have a prescription for some special medicine.

We learned that medicine is made from plants, animals and things from the body. A pharmacist helps people get better by giving them medicine. He knows what medicine to give, when people tell him how they are sick.

There wasn’t only medicine in the pharmacy, there was also toys, chocolate, shoes and many other items. They didn’t just sell medicine because they didn’t have enough people coming to just buy medicine.

The store has never been robbed but when he was in a different place his store got burglarized at least once a month.

The guy who owns the pharmacy works eight hours a day. There wasn’t a popular medicine in the store. Mr. Massender gives people information on lots of medicine.

Mr. Massender likes his job because he likes helping people and it gives him a great feeling to help people.

If you would like to find out more about the pharmacy or want to ask any questions email him at cates at


  • Transcribed on: April 1, 2012