Irly Bird

Joshua July 13,
Irlybird Story and interview

Bowen Island.

The favourite thing I sa at the Irlybird was a big  hollow  round tube with sides on it and it was a long echo and i learned was a specific tank. Do you know what my second favourite thing is a fork lift I’m going to tell you about it! It was a huge fork lift truck and it could carry lots of lumber and it could dump it on to a truck. i went in to a truck at the Irlybird which by the way  you should know is a huge lumber place! A big lumber yard is a  huge place that carries  lumber, wood, pipes and cement and there is paint hammers oil drain pipes wheel barrows and stuff like that.  i got to go in a few trucks and see almost anything that has to do with wheels to lumber and all sorts of stuff you’d expect would be at Homedeapo and Cassco! I got to go home to camp in a big truck at the lumber yard place I hope you have  a good time about the day you come to the big lumber place! I got to feel a fork lift and i got to drive it! I got to feel all the stacks of lumber and that and i got to feel the ties that go on the railroad tracks!

What do you think I am?

1. I carry lumber on two prongs I go up and down i have 4 wheels I do not have a radio and I don’t have any doors what am I?

You can find me at the Irlbird or any other lumber yard!

2. i am about a kind of wall, a stack of blank what am i?

I saw a trailor with 8 wheels in the back and no wheels in the front  Find out about it! only joking there wer lots of stuff to do there and there were lots  and lots of trucks always going in or comming out of the place. I hope you go there again and I hope you see me here again at the Irlybird.