Irly Bird Building Centre

Irlybird building Centre
July 14, 2004

At irlybird I got to go in to a truck. irlybird is a place where you get lumber and other stuff too. I went in the truck and started it and i also  pushed the gas pedal. The man who owned the truck was Dean. We got to see the wheel barrows, one was the little one and one was the big wheel barrow. We got to push the  two wheel barrows. The little wheel barrow was too hard to push and the big one was OK. I got  to sit on the forklift and the guy who drove it was Dean. We saw a trailor you can stand on. The trailor is very very big. Another truck came in and clement, me, Annie, Michael and josh went to the truck to see it. The guy who drove the truck was Edward. he had a deisel truck. We saw shingles that you can put on yor roof. My finger almost got a sliver from the pointy shingles. We had a lot of fun. We got to have pop. Me and Josh had cream soda and Clement to have coke.   We got to have an interview with the manager. We got to take pictures with three other people and Dave. John said  that visually impaired coud not work because it’s  dangerous.  We got to go on the truck with Dean and he drove us back to the lounge except for michael and Annie.  They gave us hats and fifty two balloons. We saw a hammer but it was too greasy. when we came in the car we saw a barbecue maker. We saw many trucks comming in and comming out of the arking lot. We saw pipes which you can by for a toilet.