Student Voices: Erin Lacharity

Erin, a young blind woman with curly blond hair and light skin is smiling with her eyes closed at the camera. She is standing on a pathway surrounded by green grass, wearing dark pants, a dark top, and a light gray summer jacket. She is holding a long white cane in her right hand and a purse and bag are hanging from her left shoulder. In the background, there is a road with seven parked cars, along with green trees on a hill. The shadows created by the trees and cars are reflected on the road on a sunny summer day.

Editor’s Note: Today’s Student Voices is about Erin Lacharity, a graduate of the Pacific Training Centre for the Blind’s Blind People in Charge program and a long-time Camp Bowen camper. […]

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The Play Date

Editor’s Note: Today is Family Day in British Columbia. On last year’s Family Day we printed a speech by Joanne Gabias, who talked about her perspective being raised by blind […]

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Student Voices: T.J. Evans

T.J., a male wearing learning shades and holding a long, white cane, waits at a bus stop.

Editor’s Note: Earlier this week we highlighted the story of Kashmere Crystal Bling, her independence journey, and her blinged out cane. As White Cane Week continues in Canada, we decided […]

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