Family Day With Shauna: I Am a Mom

A photo of Shauna and Rafferty. Shauna  is wearing a dark plaid jacket, dark blue jeans, and white running shoes, and has long brown hair. Rafferty is a black lab retriever and is wearing his GDB harness, collar and leash. They are seated on a large rock at lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. There is a beautiful landscape behind them of the lake, and a bridge off in the far distance.

Editor’s Note: Today is Family Day in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick. I was a single mother in 2007 when I received my […]

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What is Braille?

A blind woman in a blue sweater sitting on a couch with a young girl in a pink dress on her lap. They are sharing a print/Braille book.

Editor’s Note: Today is World Braille Day, celebrated on January 4, Louis Braille’s birthday, each year. This piece is the first in a four part series on Braille. Tune in […]

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