Missing Camper Procedure

In the event of a missing camper, notify the Camp Coordinator or their designate immediately. Then follow the procedure below:

1.  You will be notified of a missing camper via your staff radio.

2.  Upon notification, immediately gather  campers and fellow staff members and lineup in front of the Lodge,
creating a straight line along the side of the building. Do a role call to make sure all staff members and campers are present.  
If you are still missing someone, inform the ARC Coordinator.

3.  All campers and at least one staff member for every eight campers need to remain lined 
up in front of the Lodge until the missing camper/campers have been located.

  1. The remaining staff members will conduct a search of the lodge and the grounds.

  2. If the camper is not on the premises, notify the police using the local non-emergency number and begin searching the surrounding area.

  3. If the camper has been missing for two hours, contact their parent or guardian.