Code of Ethics and Standard of Conduct

Last Updated
May 20, 2022
  1. I will not discriminate against or refuse professional services to anyone on the basis of race, colour, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, gender identity, religion, spiritual beliefs, ability, language, or nationality.

  2. I will not engage in or condone any form of harassment or discrimination.

  3. I will maintain a professional attitude that upholds confidentiality toward individuals served, colleagues, applicants, and the Canadian Organization of the Blind and Deafblind (COBD).

  4. I will maintain confidentiality when storing or disposing of the records of individuals served, volunteers, board members, staff/contractors, and the COBD.

  5. I, upon termination of my services for the COBD, will maintain participant and co-worker confidentiality by holding as confidential any information I obtained concerning the COBD and by permanently deleting/destroying any COBD documents from my personal computer/files after returning a copy of such documents to COBD.

  6. I will declare my personal conflict of interest when I may benefit from a decision over which I have influence.

  7. I will not use my relationship with the COBD to conduct personal fundraising and I will not accept money, gratuities or gifts from individuals served.

  8. I will respect the rights and views of individuals served, staff, volunteers, and board members and treat them with fairness, courtesy, and good faith.

  9. I will not exploit the trust of the public, staff, individuals served, volunteers, board or the organization’s members.

  10.  I will use caution and common sense when posting or interacting on social media or the Internet, even when engaging in personal social media pursuits.

  11. I will respect the COBD’s policies related to marketing communications; “Only the Board of Directors or their designate will speak officially on behalf of the COBD and only authorized staff members will post information on the COBD website or social media accounts.

  12. I will correct, when possible, misleading or inaccurate information and representations made by others concerning the framework, programs, and services provided by the COBD.

  13. I will exercise a genuine interest in all individuals served and do hereby dedicate myself to their best interests and helping them help themselves.

  14. I will uphold the COBD’s mission and vision in all matters relating to my involvement with the organization.

  15. I will not possess, sell, or use illegal drugs. I will not drink alcohol or use recreational cannabis products while conducting formal COBD business or during the eight hour period immediately prior to conducting formal COBD business. I will inform my supervisor if I need to use cannabis products for medical purposes during the eight hour period immediately prior to, or while, conducting formal COBD business. I will not drink alcohol or use cannabis products in excess while attending COBD sponsored social events.

  16. I have total commitment to providing the highest quality of service to those who seek my professional assistance.

  17. I will uphold the COBD’s commitment to providing Summer Independence Camps and Blindness/Deafblindness skills training in accordance with the structured discovery model of teaching.

  18. I will act in accordance with standards of professional integrity.

  19. I will make every effort to avoid relationships that could impair my professional judgment.

  20. I will accurately represent my education, training, experience, and competencies as they relate to my professional services for the COBD.

  21. I will strive to become and remain proficient in professional practice and the performance of professional functions.

  22. I will not advise on problems outside the bounds of my competence.

  23. I will not commit acts of waste, fraud, abuse, or other wrongdoing.

  24. If I have the responsibility for employing and evaluating staff/contractor or volunteer performance, I will do so in a responsible, fair, considerate, and equitable manner.

  25. I understand that violation of this code may be grounds for removal from the COBD’s Board of Directors or from continuing as a volunteer, staff member, or contractor for the COBD.

I agree to abide by the above terms related to my involvement with the COBD.




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