Seniors Affairs Coordinator – Job Description

Last Updated
May 27, 2022
Job Title
Seniors Affairs Coordinator
Reports To
Program and Student Affairs Coordinator

Job Duties:

  1. Coordinate the organization’s roundtables for seniors.
  2. Research and bring in guest speakers for the seniors roundtables.
  3. Provide oversight to the organization’s programming for seniors
  4. Assist in the development of programming for seniors.
  5. Conduct student surveys with senior participants with support from the Program and Student Affairs coordinator.
  6. Work with the Program and Student Affairs coordinator to create reports about the organization’s programing for seniors.
  7. Handle inquiries from current and potential participants of the Seniors Roundtables.
  8. Work as part of an interdisciplinary team to find ways to meet individual participant needs.
  9. Provide counsel and support to individuals and groups.
  10. Offer support and guidance to participantsthroughout their program.
  11. Advise participants as to proper channels for addressing a grievance.
  12. Link students with formal and informal resources, and help individuals develop their skills and ability to use their own resources and those of their community to solve problems and find solutions.
  13. Promote, and where applicable use, the structured discovery (problem-solving) method of teaching.
  14. Use a long white cane or guide dog at all times during the program.
  15. Inform Director of Operations when new program supplies and equipment are needed.
  16. Assist in the recruitment of new participants.
  17. Provide community outreach and help to identify the needs of blind and Deafblind seniors; propose ways to meet these needs.
    • Secure and protect the confidentiality of student and staff information.
  18. Report any suspected violation of the law such as: child abuse of any kind, harassment, illegal use or sale of drugs or alcohol, threats or possession of a weapon, and other violations to the Executive Director.
  19. Perform other occasional tasks as assigned by the organization’s executive.


  1. Candidate must be legally blind.
  2. A degree, diploma or Certificate in rehabilitation, education, Human Services, Social Work, or Community Social Services; training at a structured discovery blindness centre; OR A relevant combination of education and experiences that equate to at least two years.
  3. Experience in a relevant field of knowledge with blindness/DeafBlindness experience preferred.
  4. Working knowledge of Braille, adaptive speech and Braille technology, travel with the long white cane, and other aspects of blindness/DeafBlindness skills.
  5. Experience in working with seniors and an understanding of their unique needs.
  6. Experience working with people who have various disabilities in conjunction with blindness such as physical challenges, learning disabilities, brain injuries and mental health conditions.
  7. Strong belief in and understanding of using problem solving to teach blindness/DeafBlindness skills and the centre’s positive approach to blindness/DeafBlindness.
  8. Willing to learn the structured discovery / problem-solving method of teaching used at the centre.
  9. Understanding of and ability to access books, websites, media, online classes and other resources.
  10. Must be detail oriented and possess effective organizational and basic research skills.
  11. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  12. A willingness to be flexible.
  13. A willingness to help out occasionally during extra activities such as virtual events or group outings/recreational activities.
  14. Ability to serve as an appropriate role model for participants.
  15. Ability to work in a collaborative manner with the centre Community.
  16. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with participants, staff, and families/support systems.
  17. Ability to make difficult decisions with composure, tact and dignity.
  18. Ability to maintain materials of a highly confidential nature.
  19. Ability to deal effectively with questions or problems, seeking assistance when needed.
  20. Ability to exhibit emotional control, patience and persistence in extremely stressful situations.
  21. Ability to make decisions using sound judgment with information at hand.
  22. Sensitivity to, and appreciation of, participants’ diverse backgrounds.