Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper – Job Description

Last Updated
May 16, 2022
Job Title
Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper
Reports To
COBD: Camp Bowen Executive Director and COBD: Pacific Training Centre Executive Director

Job Duties

National Duties

  1. Compile and update national membership database;
  2. Collect monthly ledgers from all divisions and chapters and compile for Treasurer and accountant;
  3. File documents on behalf of the National Board of Directors
  4. In consultation with Executive Directors, oversee the preparation of the organization’s financial statements;
  5. In consultation with Executive Directors, work with the organization’s accountant to complete reviews and/or audits;
  6. Direct inquiries to the appropriate team member(s); and
  7. Oversee the allocation of resources during emergency situations (CARE program).

Bookkeeping Duties

  1. Prepare and send out invoices;
  2. Receive invoices from contractors and pay invoices using online banking, email money transfer, or by writing a cheque;
  3. Record and pay staff program and admin expenses;
  4. Keep a monthly record of account of all expenses and revenue, including annual totals broken down into expense and revenue categories, in both Word document and Excel spreadsheet formats;
  5. Save all account records and invoices in OneDrive;
  6. Keep track of all receipts, digitizing a copy of all hardcopy receipts;
  7. Monitor and handle petty cash adding expenses to petty cash spreadsheet;
  8. Deposit cheques and cash in corresponding bank accounts; and
  9. Send out tax receipts and thank you letters for donations.
  10. File T4’s and all other tax-related documents.

Secretarial Duties

  1. Open mail and inform Executive Director of content;
  2. Keep track of all correspondence and other paperwork, digitizing all hardcopy correspondence and paperwork;
  3. Maintain a record of all enquiries, phone, email or in-person;
  4. Do simple formatting of documents, such as checking for consistency of font, print size, page layout and letter head;
  5. Prepare contracts based on a template and ready them for signature;
  6. Write and send out thank you letters for received grants, donations, and contributions; and
  7. Provide additional administrative support as requested or outlined in the Admin Manual.


  1. High School Diploma;
  2. Proficient in an office suite (e.g. Microsoft Office), Email and the Internet;
  3. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written;
  4. Organizational and problem-solving skills;
  5. Ability to work with confidential documents;
  6. Ability to work independently requiring little direction or supervision; and
  7. Ability to manage multiple priorities and work on multiple projects simultaneously and under pressure.