Tip #4 for Successful Interactions with Blind People: Describing What’s On a Plate

In Tip #3, we discussed tips on how to do verbal guidance, but we are switching it up a bit today and heading into the dining room to talk about tips for serving meals to blind people.

A useful tip when describing what’s on a plate to a blind person is to think of the plate as an analog clock (remember those?) and describe the food as being at a position relative to a time on the clock. For example, you might say, “you’ve got peas at 1, chicken at 6, and rice at 10.” As always, the blind person themselves will be your best guide to what they need but this is a common practice I’ve used from both sides of the food service experience, as a blind person and as a caterer serving blind people.

Periodically We’ll be posting tips and tricks about blindness and DeafBlindness. If you’ve ever had a burning question about blindness or DeafBlindness or how to best assist a person who is blind or DeafBlind, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll try to answer it in this series. Questions can be submitted by contacting us or by calling the Bowen Island Accessibility Group’s Community Mailbox at +1 (604) 947-9021, extension 123. Let us know what you think. What do you want to know?

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