Camp Bowen at the Sixth Annual Handloggers Half Marathon

Alex and Aedan standing, posing for the camera. Alex is wearing his staff shirt with a safety jacket tied around his waist. Aedan is also wearing his staff shirt overtop of which he is wearing an unzipped orange rain jacket. Both Alex and Aedan are holding their canes.
From left to right: Alex Jurgensen and Aedan Staddon after volunteering at the sixth annual Handloggers Half Marathon on Bowen Island, BC. It was taken on the causeway, just past the finish line. Photo credit: Ali Osborne.

At Camp Bowen, it is very important to us to be part of local events and to give back to our home community of Bowen Island. On August 31, 2019, Alex Jurgensen and Aedan Staddon represented Camp Bowen as volunteers to the sixth annual Hand Loggers Half Marathon, marking the second year in a row that Camp Bowen has provided volunteers to the event. Together with the rest of the event’s volunteers, Alex and Aedan directed the more than 130 runners that took part in the half marathon, offering encouragement and support at the Cardena Dr. turnoff onto the trail and at Aid Station 3, located at Camp Bow Isle.

“I’m glad to be able to support the community at the Handloggers Half Marathon,” says Staddon. “It was nice to be able to help people and see the runners.”

We would like to congratulate the organizers of the Handloggers Half Marathon for raising approximately $4000 towards the Bowen Island Trail Society and Akili Preparatory School this year.