Blind News Victoria Bulletin

Editor’s Note: What follows is the June 5, 2018 edition of Blind News Victoria, released on June 5, 2018. For convenience, headings have been added to this archived version. The timestamp on this archived copy reflects the time the original word document was last edited and does not reflect the time at which the newsletter went out via email.

Blind News Victoria Bulletin

June 5 2018

  1. New Audible Signals being installed in Victoria

The City of Victoria has installed a new type of audible signal referred to as an Accessible Pedestrian Signal, in two locations as part of a pilot program. The first two locations are at Hillside and Gossworth and at Bay and Richmond (CNIB). These push button signals emit a quiet constant beeping sound (locator tone) which assists the pedestrian to locate the pole and button. The other feature which is not intuitive is that you need to hold the button in for 3 seconds in order to activate the audible signal. You will hear a click which indicates the audible signal has been activated. Pushing the button in and out quickly will just activate the visual signal. If you have feedback or questions you can contact the City’s Engineering Department at

  1. Braille Research Study

Natalie Martiniello, M.Sc., CVRT, Ph.D. Candidate is seeking participants for a research study that is being conducted through the University of Montreal to better understand the experiences of adults who have learned braille. The results from this study will help better understand the facilitators and barriers that adults experience during their braille training, and how to improve the training provided in future. They are seeking participation from people who are blind or who have low vision, are 40 years or older, and who have learned braille sometime within the past 10 years. Participation would involve a single, confidential, anonymous phone interview that will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.

If you are interested in participating, they will send you a consent form in advance that will tell you more about the study in either large print, braille or electronic (email) format. You also have the option of requesting a copy of the questionnaire in advance, to give you a better idea of the kind of questions they’ll ask.

The results from this study will help rehabilitation professionals design braille training programs that better meet the needs of adult and senior learners. Please feel free to tell others who may be interested in participating as well. Write to Natalie Martiniello at

to sign up or learn more.

  1. Share your experience on the quality of descriptive video in theaters.

This study is being conducted by Kerry Kijewski of the Canadian Federation of the Blind Ontario
Chapter with thanks to Kevin Shaw of TellmeTV.

Here is the link to the survey

Please share your experience for only one theatre visit at a time. If you would like to share your experience from multiple movies, please fill out the survey for each movie. You can fill out the survey as many times as you need for each movie you experience. If you would like to be entered into our monthly draw for free movie passes, please make sure we have a valid email address or phone number for you.