Health and Safety Policy

At least one instructor present during each cooking class must hold a valid Food Safe certificate.

Food preparation surfaces are sprayed with an appropriate solution prior to each cooking class.

Participants are required to wash their hands prior to participating in cooking activities.

Utensils and dishes are washed in a dishwasher.

Best Practices:

Participants and staff are encouraged to stay home if they have a cold or the flu and are likely contagious.

The importance of proper and frequent hand washing is incorporated into group discussions.

Activity surfaces are kept clean and uncluttered.

Participants are required to use their own ear buds/headphones. If a participant does not have their own headphones, a set will be loaned to them and sanitized by staff when returned.

Participants are taught how to store their long white cane and personal belongings so as to not create a tripping hazard.

Staff are to follow the guidelines outlined earlier in this document regarding safe practices during travel and cooking sessions.

Only staff members trained in the safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials may oversee activities relating to hazardous materials.