Accessible Documents for Blind and DeafBlind Staff

November 11, 2019
Last updated
May 20, 2022

Please make sure all electronic documents are accessible to Blind and DeafBlind staff. Your supervisor can explain this further. Basically, Blind and DeafBlind people use talking – screen readers or electronic Braille displays to read what is on the screen. It helps if documents are kept simple, linear, without too much fancy formatting, charts or graphics, except when necessary for distribution to the sighted public. Please write all materials in a Word or text file. Only use the PDF format when necessary.

PDF’s must be accessible. Please ask your supervisor for more information about accessible pdfs or accessibility in general.

When creating Excel spreadsheets, please keep numbers and information close together on one side of the spreadsheet. When blind/DeafBlind people read a spreadsheet, they have to arrow or tab through each cell to read the information contained in the cell. They only read a very small part of the spreadsheet at one time, and are unable to quickly peruse the spreadsheet as a whole.