Active Threat

Created: May 18, 2021
Last Updated: May 19, 2021

The RCMP defines an active threat as “one or more persons who seek out a target rich environment and participate in a random or systematic infliction of death or grievous bodily harm”.

Active threats are rare. They are unprovoked and generally involve the use of guns. They are dynamic, can shift locations and are unpredictable


In the event of an active threat:

Act to protect your personal safety immediately. Your best options are to:

  1. Run

  2. Hide

Take action

  1. Stop all classes and/or other activities.

  2. Take shelter. If you are inside a classroom, dwelling unit, or office, stay there. If you are in a hallway, go to the closest office, dwelling unit, or classroom that’s not already locked.

  3. Lock windows and doors, refer to any lockdown procedures posted in the room, and await instructions from emergency or safety personnel.

  4. Barricade the entry with tables and chairs if the door does not lock.

  5. Close curtains and blinds.

  6. Turn off the lights.

  7. Stay low and keep away from windows and doors.

  8. Keep quiet. Put your cell phone on silent mode and turn off other talking devices.

  9. Remain calm and await further instructions from division staff, COBD staff, or emergency personnel.