A Message From Defend Island Forrests

Hi Everyone,

Below is a message circulated on behalf of the Defend Island Forrests group on Bowen Island.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Thousand People March

I am sending you the letter below In the hope that you will copy, paste and share it with your anyone and everyone as soon as possible so that this information gets to the population of Bowen Island immediately.

Thank you for your help,

Lyn van Lidth de Jeude


p>Dear Neighbours,



As you may have heard, BC Timber Sales, an arm of the Provincial government, is proposing to add Bowen Island to its logging area. Their proposal has allocated 1,414 hectares of forested Crown Land (that’s 28% of BI’s land mass) as eligible for Industrial logging over the next 20 years. The trees that are proposed to be harvested are all on our mountains where they retain the water that sustains us through the dry times. This is a serious threat to an already limited water supply and there is very little time to change the course of this action.

Please join your neighbours and voice your opinions at the
Thousand People March Sunday July 30th at 1pm on the Bowfest Field

We will meet at the Bowfest Field and walk together to the open house meeting being held by BC Timber Sales at Collins Hall.

Bring your sun hats, water bottles and respectful signs.

Bowen Island needs to stand together to protect our Crown Land from industrial logging. More information is available at defendislandforests.ca

Some of you who are very involved in our community and will receive this information more than once. Please share it with others who may not know and Thank you for your help to defend our Forests.


Defend Island Forests