Blind News Victoria Bulletin

Editor’s Note: What follows is the April 13, 2017 edition of Blind News Victoria, released on April 13, 2017. For convenience, headings have been added to this archived version. The timestamp on this archived copy reflects the time the original word document was last edited and does not reflect the time at which the newsletter went out via email.

Blind News Victoria Bulletin

The Pacific Training Centre for the Blind (PTCB) is sending out this bulletin as there are two important things they felt you should know about in addition to what was in the Spring Newsletter.

  1. The Accessibility Working Group, a committee of the City of Victoria is conducting an Accessibility Survey to be completed by anyone who has a disability and either lives in or visits the City of Victoria. The survey can be found at

There are several ways to complete the survey:

  • The survey is accessible to those using screen readers and can be completed on your iPhone or computer
  • you can have someone assist you on their computer if you do not use or have a computer
  • If you have a Gmail email address but no computer, you can complete the survey on the public computer (equipped with speech) at the Victoria Disability Resource Centre and PTC staff will be glad to assist you if you come in on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Hard copies of the survey are also available at the Disability Resource Centre
  1. The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is hosting an All-Candidates/Parties Forum on disability issues. The Pacific Training Centre for the Blind has submitted a question regarding funding of rehabilitation services for persons who are blind or losing their sight.

Date: Thursday April 27

Time: 6:30 – 8:30

Place: Central Library Community Room (Broughton St)