Special September Session at Camp Bowen, Sunshine, Discounts and a Weekend of Fun!

Recently, we announced the availability of a new September session out here at Camp Bowen. The new session will run from Saturday, September 5 to Monday, September 7, otherwise known as the 2015 September long weekend. This program will be geared towards adults 19 years and older and will share a format with our standard adult camp and young adult camp programs, that is to say, campers get a choice between structured activities or free time.

This is the first session for which we have widely available funding to help offset the cost of camp. To find out if you are eligible for funding, simply call +1 (844) 692-6936 and ask to speak to your local community coordinator.

Note: You don’t need to qualify for funding in order to take advantage of this extra camp!

To find out more, please visit the Adult Camp or young adult camp sections of campbowen.ca or call your local community cooardinator at +1 (844) 692-6936.

We look forward to seeing you at camp.