From the Front Desk (August Edition)

At Camp Bowen, we are always trying to find new ways to connect with the community. Therefore, when a camper approached us and requested that we begin a monthly newsletter, we jumped at the idea.

Out of this request was born “From the Front Desk”, the headlining column that will begin every news letter. “From the Front Desk” will be a place where the community Coordinators will be able to write personal messages to the community and share their thoughts. It will be followed by a series of articles that will make up the bulk of the newsletter.

The newsletter will be available on, on, by E-mail, by telephone and in hardcopy Braille/Large Print.

To sign up for the newsletter, please contact your local community coordinator by calling +1 (778) 402-1392 (Victoria) or +1 (844) 692-6936.

Happy reading

Alex Jurgensen,

Community Coordinator for the Bowen Island Region