Announcing Camp Bowen 2012 Adult Retreat, Important Information

Update: This post is now out of date. Please visit the Adult Camp section of the Programs page for the latest information on the Camp Bowen 2012 retreat.

Dear Campers,

Please circulate to relevant distribution channels.

This is an important matter for those wanting to go to Bowen this year.

Update: The potential dates have changed. Additionally, the pricing information has been added. In addition, there is new contact information at the bottom.

It is that time of the year again, the time when we all get geared up for a nice retreat on Bowen.

Last year’s retreat, though small, was considered by the board and the campers who attended it a great success. We had a lot of fun attending the Sunday market, sitting around the fire chatting, hiking and much more.

This years retreat still needs a little bit of planning, but this is where we hope you can come in. We have set aside two possible options for dates on which to hold this year’s retreat. the third week in August (Monday the 13 to Wednesday the 15) or the last weekend in September (Friday the 28th to Sunday the 30th). There are also other dates listed below that may work. It is all dependent on what weekend people are available for.




  1. September 28th to the 30th
  2. October 5 to 7, 12 to 14, 19 to 21 and 26 to 28


  1. August 13 – 15 
  2. September 10 to 13, 17 to 19, 23 to 25 
  3. October – All weekdays except the 30th to the 1st. 


Note: If you are able to make it at the cheaper end of the preposed prices but not at the higher end, please indicate this on your registration form, so that we can let you know if we achieved our price goals.

Pricing is currently being negotiated. We have written the below prices as a price scale, with the lower number representing the price goals we hope to achieve and the higher number representing the highest possible cost. The price scale includes both nights and meals. Those of you who will be staying the one night can adjust the pricing accordingly. Every effort will be made by the board to offset these costs. The 2013 season should be cheaper, but a lot of that success depends on a good turn out this year.

We also need to arrange solid transportation plans and possible activities. As this is the adult retreat, we feel that your input is valuable in helping us shape this year’s program. This is, in all respects, your retreat.

We have about 9 days to go before the first dates approach, but in reality, we have little more than 4 days to go before we need to be solidly set in our plans. Below are some questions that I think need to be addressed first:

  1. Dates (See Above). What dates work best for everyone? Is there conferences or any other events on those dates that campers will be attending?
  2. Transportation. Were is everyone coming from? Who needs transportation assistance?
  3. Activities. What should we do?

Let Us Know

A great way to help us get a good feel for the number of campers interested in attending this year’s retreat is filling out these questions.

What are you’re thoughts? Please either write to the Camp Bowen mailing list by signing up or joining in the discussion on Facebook here. Private inquiries can be sent in via phone with Soma Ali, Community Coordinator, at: 604 338 2293, our private E-mail at:, the Facebook link above or by the form found here.

We need numbers as soon as possible in order to begin booking. Please register your interest for the program here. You can find up to date information here.

We look forward to hearing your input and seeing you on Bowen.

Yours Truly,

The Camp Bowen Team,