Face to Face, Meeting Details for the March Community Meeting

Participation in today’s meeting is possible via either teleconference or in person. As promised in Monday’s post, here are the finalized details. This is a copy of the instructions sent out to the community mailing list earlier in the week and is posted here for archival purposes.

The meeting will be hosted at the Broadway campus of Vancouver
Community College, at 1155, West Broadway, Vancouver. The plan is for
anyone requiring assistance in getting to the campus to meet at the
number 9 stop (Bay 1) at Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station at 1:40
PM. Anyone intending to meet at Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station
shouldcontact Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator at: 778 908-0521.

Participants arriving at the campus directly should meet at the main
entrance, near Glen Drive and Broadway, on Broadway, at 1:40 and will
be met by the group of attendees and staff traveling from Comercial