Join Us by Phone for Saturday’s Community Meeting, Teleconferencing Details

Below are the details you can use phone in and to join the community meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 2012. The conference line will open at: 2:10 PM.

The telephone number for the conference call will be:
+1 559 546 1333.
The participant access code will be: 500693, followed by the pound
key. Please be aware that this is a United States telephone number and
long distance
fees may apply.
We have the ability to add 16 members free of charge to the meeting,
provided that they provide us with there phone numbers by calling Alex
Jurgensen, Community
Coordinator, at:
778 908-0521
 or through the Camp Bowen website at:
 by Friday at midnight.

The phone number can be accessed at no cost from Skype with the Skype
unlimited Canada and US plan ($2.99). That is, there will be no charge
except for the subscription
fee of $2.99. You can find more information out at:
Skype’s website/. You can also ask us for assistance here/.

Any questions, comments or suggestions should be directed to Soma Ali,
Community Coordinator, by phone at:
604 338-2293
 or by E-mail at:

We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.