Join Us In Vancouver for an Exciting Event, Car and Transit Rally Fun for the whole Family

Dear Community Members,  

As a member of  the Camp Bowen Working Group a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing summer camp opportunities for BC residents who are blind or visually impaired, I am please to invite you to our first ever fundraiser. The group will be hosting car and transit rallies on Sunday, October 16, 2011 in Vancouver. The transit rally is intended for those who wish to participate in the rally without the need to drive.

This is a family oriented event meaning that families will be able to participate as a group. In this rally, the visually impaired members of families will be the navigators while members without visual impairments, such as parents, will be the drivers and everyone will have to work together to solve the location of our mystery destination. We will meet up at the front of the CNIB (5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver) at 9:45a.m. where we will hand out directions on how to reach the final destination of the car rally. The rally is estimated to take around two hours. We will meet at the endpoint around 11:00a.m. for a group picnic so please bring your blankets and food. It will be a great opportunity to meet everyone, socialize, and have fun. While at the park the group will be selling Braille puzzle books that contain little sayings that can be decoded using a cheat sheet. We will also be selling bookmarks with people’s names on them in Braille. The puzzle books will cost $5.00 and the bookmarks will be $1.00 for one bookmark, $2.00 for 3 bookmarks, and $5.00 for six bookmarks.  

Please let us know if you’re planning to attend so that we can have an idea of how many books to bring as well as how many people will be attending the picnic. To get further details or sign up for this exciting event please contact Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator at: 778-908-0521 or Soma Ali, Community Coordinator at: 604 783-8562.

Look forward to seeing you on October 16, 2011 for a wonderfully fantastic time. 

From Soma Ali  

President and Secretary for the Camp Bowen Working Group.

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