The Camp Bowen Song, Share Your Verses

In talking to a fellow board member about all the funny lines from the Camp Bowen song that we remembered from many years of campfires on Bowen, it occurred to us that many of the verses were never written down. This conversation sparked the idea to create a place where the community can share their favorite verses.

We took a verse of the Camp Bowen Song that has become rather famous among the Camp Bowen community and we have written it below. We leave it up to you to share your favorite verses in the comments.

Camp Bowen

They say that at Camp Bowen,

The councilors are mighty fine,

They make you look at pictures,

Even though they know you’re blind.


Oh, I don’t wanna go to Camp Bowen,

Gee Mom, I wanna go,

Gosh, Mom I wanna go,

Gee Mom, I wanna go home.

A Historical Note on the Camp Bowen Song

The Camp Bowen Song was based on a camp version of Gee Mom I Want To Go Home.

We don’t know who wrote the verse in our post, but we thank them for making a popular verse. If you know who came up with it, please let us know in the comments.

We hope our use of the chorus does not violate copyright. We have researched it and we cannot find a definitive answer about this.


The Camp Bowen Working Group,