Get Writing, An Exciting Poetry Competition

Get Writing

We are currently looking for British Columbians to participate in the first ever Camp Bowen Working Group poetry competition. This competition is open to British Columbians who meet our requirements. Participation in this exciting competition gives British Columbians an opportunity to express themselves in the form of poetry. It may be of particular interest to attendees of the former Camp Bowen.

You don’t want to miss this exciting event!

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Help Others Participate

We encourage you to place links and promote this competition via your social networks and E-mails. Since one of the goals of this competition is to bring the community closer together, the more places people can read about this competition, the better. If you like, let us know if you promote the competition by Getting In Touch with us and we will do our best to put a link to your site or blog on the “Supporters of the Camp Bowen Working Group 2010 Poetry Competition” section of our links page.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in participating, please feel free to pass this competition information along.


Entries are accepted in many formats, including Our Online Submissions Form, Grade 1 English Braille, Grade 2 English Braille, Grade 1 French Braille, regular print and large print.

Enter Here to submit your poem online or Get In Touch to get directions explaining how to submit your Braille/print poem via mail!

Our Format

One hit of the return/enter key is interpreted as a new line, while two taps of the return/enter key is interpreted as the break between two stanzas.


To be announced!

Due Date

The competition closes to new entries on December 1, 2010!


Voting will begin on December 1, 2010 and will be open to registered users, including those who have entered into the competition.


Click here to ask a question about or get help with the competition.

See You There

We look forward to reading your poems!

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The Camp Bowen Working Group,