Interview with Bowen Veterinary Services

july 14, 2004
Interview with the Vet

Today we interviewed a man named Doctor Alastair  Westcott, who is a vet. A vet is a doctor who fixes sick and injured animals. He said that he does the same thing for animals that our doctor does for us. When we got their we met karen who is the receptionest then we met Stephany who is the doctor’s helper. She showed us around the office. We saw the waiting room and then the  examining room, the treatment room for animals who need an x/ray to see if any bones are broken or some minor treatment and then the operating room. She let us pet her dog named Magnum. Then we got to listen to his heart beat with a stethoscope. We also got to hear a dog’s heart beating who was having an operation. He was Magnum’s brother.   The doctor put him to sleep before the operation  by putting a needle in his paw.  He started to wake up before we left and he was whining. After that we asked the doctor  some questions like what was the most  unusual animal you’ve  ever treted and he said “a lizard, a snake, a whale and an emu”.

A riddle from Soma;

I have four legs, long hair, and long ears. What am I?