Public Education

Group Presentations

Jessica, Jocelyn, and Alex are sitting behind a table in a classroom. On the table are Braille books, a green cloth bag, a Brailler, an iPhone, a bag of cards, a BrailleNote in its case, 2 slates and styluses, a MacBook Pro, and Braille paper. Zandra is to the right of Alex.
Camp Bowen volunteers present at Bowen Island Community School. From left to right: Jessica, Jocelyn, and Alex.

The group presentations team visits schools and other community groups to speak about what it is like to be blind. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Braille, assistive technology, how blind people travel, and, most of all, that people who are blind are just people like any other.

If you would like to have us speak in front of your class or community group, please contact us.