Please note: Unless otherwise specified, the below are recommendation’s only and should be taken as a guide. If you do not own some of these items, we can help to obtain them once you arrive. Please let us know.

A. Enough pants or skirts for 1 week
B. Shorts for nice weather days
C. Enough t-shirts for 1 week
D. Enough Sweatshirts or sweaters to get you through 1 week
E. Enough socks and undergarments to get you through 1 week
F. Enough pyjamas to get you through 1 week
G. 1 Rain jacket
H. 1 warm winter jacket
I. 1 or 2 Hats
J. Sunglasses (optional)
K. 1 pair of comfortable, Close-toed-shoes (required)
L. Swimsuit (optional)
M. Swim goggles (optional)
N. Toothbrush, toothbrush container, and enough toothpaste to get you through 1 week
O. Shampoo, conditioner and soap or body wash
P. Razor and shaving cream (where applicable)
Q. Brush or comb
R. Sunscreen
S. Insect Repellant
T. Personal hygiene products (where applicable)
U. Water shoes or sandals (optional)
V. Reusable water bottle or canteen (optional)
W. Prescription medication if needed
X. Dress shoes
Y. An outfit for nice occasions