A. Watch with Alarm or cell phone with cell phone charger
B. 2 Pairs of  pants for inclimate weather
C. 4 pairs of additional pants and/or shorts
D. 7 t-shirts
E. Enough socks and undergarments to get you through the week
F. 2 Sweatshirts
G. Enough pajamas to get you through the week
H. 1 Rain jacket
I. 1 or 2 Hats
J. Sunglasses (optional)
K. 1 pair of comfortable, Close-toed-shoes
L. ONE PIECE swimsuit
M. Swim goggles (optional)
N. Toothbrush, toothbrush container, and toothpaste
O. Shampoo, conditioner and soap or body wash
P. Razor and shaving cream (where applicable)
Q. Brush or comb
R. Sunscreen
S. Insect Repellant
T. Personal hygiene products (where applicable)
U. Water shoes or sandals (optional)
V. Reusable water bottle or canteen (optional)
W. Prescription medication if needed

Please do not bring TVs, DVD players or personal gaming systems unless you have received prior permission from the Lead Camp Coordinator or their designate. If you bring your cell phone, portable music players, iPods, they must remain in the “off” position while you are on duty with your Campers unless you are using it to perform work functions for Camp Bowen or have peromission from the Lead Camp Coordinator or their designate.

Personal Items

You may want to bring something small from home to let the Campers know more
about you.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to ask about other items you wish to bring, please
contact Camp Bowen.