Last Updated
May 20,2022

The Division is committed to providing students with learning environments that are safe, responsive, and inclusive. The Division recognizes that decisions about dress reflect individual expression of identity, socio-cultural norms, and economic factors and are intensely personal.

Students may attend Division and Division-related functions in dress of their choice under the conditions that the choices:

  1. Conform with established health and safety requirements for the intended activity (e.g. closed-toed shoes when travelling on trails, tying long hair back when in cooking classes, etc.);
  2. Do not promote drugs or alcohol; display offensive language or images; or encourage discrimination;
  3. Does not display the bare skin of genitals, buttocks, or nipples regardless of gender; and
  4. Does not break public indecency regulations or any other laws.

The Division provides the following guidelines to help students make informed choices about dressing appropriately for certain activities:

  1. While closed-toed shoes are required when travelling on trails, such footwear is also recommended to be worn when in travel classes.
  2. The PTCB is in a region that experiences frequent rainfall. It is therefore
    recommended that students wear waterproof rain gear when outdoors as appropriate.
  3. The PTCB is in a region that experiences frequent cold spells during the winter. It is therefore recommended that students wear warm clothing when outdoors as appropriate to insulate against the weather.