Last Updated
May 20, 2022

The student’s participation and progress is monitored and noted in the:

  • progress reports in the Individual Service Plan, commonly known as the student’s folder;
  • “Blind Skills Check Lists” in each students folder; and
  • Record of training hours in the Admin folder.

Electronic and hardcopy student records are kept secure and confidential. Electronic records are secured in accordance with the Technology and Systems Plan. Where possible, all documents are digitized and hardcopy is only kept when absolutely required. Hardcopy records are kept in a locked file cabinet and only executive and admin staff have access to the keys of this cabinet. A copy of medical records for all active staff and participants are kept in a locked file box that all staff have access to, as they are required to be retrieved in emergency evacuations. Hardcopy records are shredded if no longer required.

Best Practices:

Training staff are to complete the progress notes in the “Progress Reports” folder of the student’s Individual Service Plans weekly, completing the template provided for progress reports.

Trainers will review the student’s blind skills checklists at least monthly, updating the progress made by the student, including checking off skills the student has demonstrated/achieved or whether the student has begun learning new skills.

The Program and Student Affairs Coordinator or their designate will complete the record of training hours each week.

The Program and Student Affairs Coordinator or their designate will complete an Exit Summary Report within 2 weeks of a student leaving BPIC or moving into another BPIC stream.