Admin Tasks

November 11, 2019
Last updated
May 20, 2022

Ongoing Admin Tasks:

  1. Please keep the desk area as tidy and clear as possible.
  2. Check desk for mail and let your supervisor know about it.
  3. Check the inbox and spam folders for all email addresses assigned to you. Forward these emails to appropriate staff for their response or respond yourself. Talk to your supervisor for more information.
  4. Always copy your supervisor on thank you letters/emails, and anything significant/official to keep them in the loop.
  5. Save all invoices when received in “PTCB Financials/Invoices/Invoices Received” folder.
  6. Scan and then file paperwork in filing cabinet. Please try to file, recycle or shred paper as quickly as possible, as too much paper is confusing for Blind and DeafBlind staff.
  7. Put Braille and print labels on all filed paperwork and cabinet folders.
  8. Add expenses and funds received to record of account spreadsheet when received or paid out.
  9. Add petty cash expenses to record of account and petty cash spreadsheet
  10. Send out tax receipts and thank you letters for donations and grants – Donations folder is located in the PTCB Financials folder. Use template to complete. Save named with next chronological receipt number, donor’s name and date.
  11. Upon Receipt of a Grant: save acceptance letter in “PTCB Fundraising and Promotions/Grants/Received Grants” folder. Name this file with the grantor’s name, Title Label (acceptance letter). Send / email thank you letter. Add to donor plaque, which is hanging on the admin office wall. Also add to the Received Grants Spreadsheet, which can be found in PTCB Fundraising and Promotions/Grants” folder.
  12. Assist staff when asked to format documents i.e. check for consistency in formatting, font etc., add letterhead etc.
  13. Format new and existing documents for consistency in formatting and appearance; however, please make sure to keep all documents accessible.
  14. Carryout other related tasks when asked.

Weekly Admin Tasks:

  1. Deposit cheques and cash into account.
  2. Record staff hours worked in consultation with staff

Monthly Admin Tasks:

  1. Before the board meeting (usually second Monday of each month) make sure record of account spreadsheet for previous month is up to date. Make sure to ask your supervisor when board meetings are taking place each month.
  2. Before the end of each month, send an email to all staff with instructions regarding invoices for that month. Attach the Expense Claim template to the email. Note: Give staff two separate cheques or online money transfers for their wages and their expenses.  Some staff are receiving PWD Disability and it confuses the ministry if expenses are included with the wage, as the ministry assumes the amount is income which it is not. 
  3. Check staff invoices against record of staff hours and ensure invoice is correct. Pay all invoices via email money transfer or cheque.
  4. Pay monthly rent to The Victoria Disability Resource Centre (VDRC) and any other venues as directed by your supervisor. Invoices should be sent to the admin email.
  5. Elizabeth’s wage (email money transfer) Note, Elizabeth always receives the same amount, $1250.
    • Erin wage (email money transfer from Gaming or Community account).
    • TJ wage (gaming or community account cheque)
    • Sky wage (email money transfer, gaming or community account)
    • Alex wage (email money transfer from gaming or community account)
    • Ensure that email money transfers are actually sent out and accepted. Initiate them all at the same time. Note, you must go into online banking and send email money transfers. Once you have done this. Then must email or text Miles Motture, The treasurer, to ask him to go in and confirm these transfers before they will go through.
    Note: Miles contact information is: phone / text: 778-410-2363 Email:
    • Add all expenses to record of account spreadsheet. Note: there is a $0.50 charge for each email money transfer.
    When the transfer is accepted by recipient, an email will go to you, so you know the transfer has been completed. If you do not receive a confirmation, you may need to remind Miles to approve the transfers. These transfers expire if not approved by Miles within 7 days, which means you will have to log back onto the account and re-initiate the transfers.
    • Record gaming cheques, watch online balance of Gaming account and record that cheque has been cashed. Need to know exactly how much is in this account at any given time as all funds need to be spent by the date of next Gaming application (November 30).
    • Pay program/admin expenses submitted by staff (receipts required). Put expense claims into staff folders, under “invoices received” if they’re not already there. Write separate cheque for expenses.
    Pay with gaming (program costs) community account (admin costs) with cheque or email money transfer. Add expenses to record of account spreadsheet.
    • Check bank accounts to determine if cheques from previous month have been cashed and all deposits and withdrawals are accounted for. Add bank interest to spreadsheet.
    • Add month’s enquiries from record of enquiries to files. All files related to records are saved in Admin/Records. Remind staff to keep up-to-date with recording enquiries.

Yearly Admin Tasks:

  1. File annual Society report for organization with the BC Society’s Corporation. This must be filed no later than 30 days after our AGM
. Our Society number is: S-0058586
    Our Charity Number is: 846673085 RR0001
    To file our annual report, log onto the following website
    You will need to know the date of our most recent AGM, and all of the names and contact information for new board members.
    Please add any new board members and delete any people who are no longer board members.
    There is a filing fee. Please use the centre credit card.

  2. The PTCB insurance must be paid yearly. All insurance forms must be completed and all information on the form must be correct and current. The centre’s liability insurance is due by October 15 every year. Directors and Officers Insurance is due November 8 every year. The PTCB insurance Broker is Thomas S. Tolsma, Maxxam Insurance
    Office:  250.391.8809     Cell:     250.883.7070

  3. Pay WorkSafe insurance every year. The PTCB will receive a letter in the mail from WorkSafe with instructions of how to determine the amount owed and how to complete the payment. There is a Work Safe folder in Drop Box under admin.