Designated Meeting Areas

Created: May 19, 2021
Last Updated: May 19, 2021

Designated meeting areas are areas where staff, volunteers, and participants will meet during emergency evacuations. Where possible, each site has two designated meeting areas, a primary designated meeting area, and a secondary designated meeting area. The secondary designated meeting area is used only in cases where it is unsafe to get to or be within the primary designated meeting area. Staff will do their best to inform all participants in cases where the secondary designated meeting area must be used.

In addition to the above designated meeting areas, the division maintains a list of off-site rendezvous points to be used in the case of a full premise evacuation.

A list of designated meeting areas follows by site:

Bowen Island
Primary: back parking lot
Secondary: West gate to the property

Our rendezvous point on Bowen Island is the Bowen Tourism/Caring Circle office (432 Cardena Road), next to the Bowen Island library.  Drive or walk directly down Cardena Drive, turning
left at the roundabout, towards Bowen Island Trunk Road. The library and Bowen Tourism/Caring Circle office will be on the right, just before the intersection.

Primary: back parking lot
Secondary: to left of main entrance while exiting the building

Our rendezvous point in Victoria is the Subway sandwich shop across the road from the PTCB division’s administrative office. To get there, walk out of the main doors of the Victoria Disability Resource Centre (VDRC) and turn left. Walk to the corner of Fort Street and Blanchard Street; turn right. Cross straight across Fort Street and the Subway will be immediately on the corner.